Benefits of lawn spraying services in lakeland, FL

Lawn Spraying in Lakeland, Florida

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While you are getting an estimate from TURFCARE perhaps you will call on other spray companies for comparisons to choose the spray service program best suited for your lawn. We have listed some facts below which you should contemplate before making a final choice.

COMPLETE FERTILIZER FORMULA INCLUDING GRANULATED AND LIQUID TURFCARE uses a complete analysis N-P-K Liquid Fertil izer including all micro-nutrients needed for a balanced fertilizer program. We can also customize your program to include a professional blend N-P-K Granulated Fertilizer that is sulfur and polymer coated for a slow release systematic feeding at your request.

Advertising is a very important part of our business and some of the best advertising comes from our customers. We have implemented a referral program which rewards any customer who sends us a documented referral (name, address and telephone number) to our office with a $20.00 credit towards their own personal spray program, after we sell a spray service to that particular referral and payment is received. Our price is competitive and our lawn spray program is second to none. We look forward to having you as one of our customers.

We will retreat your lawn in between regularly scheduled treatments at no additional cost. This includes chinch bugs, fall army worms, sod web worms and mole crickets.

Turfcare Unlimited will formulate a weed control program designed specifically for your lawn which will include a Spring and Fall application with free spot treatments as needed.


Chinch Bugs:

Chinch bugs have traditionally been a big problem in home lawns. Adult chinch bugs over winter under debris in flower beds, shrubs and trees until spring. In the spring the females move into the lawn and begin laying their eggs. The first eggs hatch into nymphs in late May - early June. There are 6 stages (instars) before they become adults. The chinch bugs have piercing mouthparts that suck the sap from the crown and stems of the turf grass. Damage appears in late July - early August as localized dead patches. Because the chinch bug live in the thatch of the lawn they are difficult to control without the proper pesticide and application timing. In September the adults begin migrating out of their feeding areas and begin looking for over wintering sites. The adults have either full wing development, which means they can migrate a few blocks away or partial wing development which means they migrate to your flower beds and shrubs.

Sod Webworms:

The sod webworm is the larval stage of the adult lawn moth. The damage can be extensive but is generally isolated to a few lawns in a neighborhood. The adult, which has a long snout, will fly out of the lawn in a zigzag pattern when disturbed.The adults randomly drop eggs onto the grass and the eggs hatch into the larval stage. There are 2 to 3 generations per year and each generation will produce more adults. The population becomes cumulative and therefore the worst damage is generally in the fall. The sod webworm builds a silk burrow in the thatch and comes out at night to feed. It chews off grass leaves and drags them into their burrows where it will feed on the grass.


We at Turfcare are equipped and ready to handle any problem that may arise with the ornamental shrubbery around your home. From controlling insect, fungus or nutritional problems to regularly scheduled treatments as a preventative measure.

We recommend a treatment of fertilizer with nutritional mix and trace elements, insecticide and fungicide every 3rd month [4 treatments a year]. Our limited guarantee includes re-treatment for plant damaging insects and fungus at no additional charge if treatment is warranted after inspection by one of our specialists. Turfcare makes no other guarantees implied or written.

Special deep-root feeding is also available upon request for trees and palms.